Saturday, 24 April 2010

I Finally Made the Switch - From Blogger to Wordpress

Happy Home Working's New Home: Click HERE

I haven't thought of this idea before. Ever since I am a Blogger baby :-) and it's hard to outgrow it. I really find Blogger very easy to navigate. Then one time my boss asked me to create a webpage using Wordpress. I kind of find it really cool bacause I'm used to creating web pages and even designing it. I've tweaked my personal multiply site as well as my online shop many times already. And so finally, I was given an access to his Wordpress account and... Voila! I didn't know a single thing! :oops: And so I said, I can't do it. I proved myself that Wordpress isn't for me.

Until Mommy Paula, barin of BC Bloggers sent an email about a fellow mommy blogger named Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online and Mom's Hosting. She said she helps newbies set-up their blogs, transfer from Blogger to Wordpress, buy domains, etc. Still, I don't know what 'hosting' she's talking about. As for domains, I already bought 4 for my 4 blogs and Ate Liz of This is My Life walked me through to that process. After that, I thought it's done! But because I can't stop myself from exploring, the idea came to me. I got interested and researched about hosting and why a lot of people transfer from Blogger to Wordpress. But even before so, the first thing that makes me decide is when Mommy Paula told me that Mom's Hosting only costs $3/month. Right there and then, without me knowing what step I'm actually going to take, I contacted Mommy Ruby and asked her that I want her service and that I'll now transfer to Wordpress. As easy as pie! lol

As I explore the Wordpress dashboard, with much (not just a litte) research on the side, I was able to design and modify my blog's template. And only now did I realize that Wordpress is way easier for me than Blogger because styling is through CSS coding and I'm more used to it than HTML which is used by Blogger.

So am I contented only because of the template? :-? Check out again and I'll be giving more feedbacks as I work my way through Wordpress.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

I'm Transferring from Blogger to Wordpress

Yes friends! I am! I'm not sure how to do it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be fine. I'll try my hands in Wordpress first, then I'll update you all how it goes. Also, Mommy Ruby here of Mom's Hosting will guide me through...

I'll be missing you in 24-48 hours... But I hope to be back refreshed!!! I'll see you then...

Friday, 16 April 2010

ACmomCee - It's Me!


I can't thank Mommy Paula enough, really! Imagine? Because of her idea of putting up BC Bloggers, my 4 blogs are now RANKED! And yet again, she's given me the chance to write something about myself for the BC Bloggers Party. Only now did I realize that I don't have an "About Me" page yet. And so for everyone to know who ACmomCee is, I better go ahead.

I was born in 1985, same year when KC Conception was born, but months ahead before me. She got 3 names in her first name and so I thought, my father liked it and did the same and named me May Ann Cherie. Not only that, no matter how he denies it, I really believe he's one heck of a Sharonian too. Why? Well because he nicknamed me, AC. Now tell me if I figured it out wrong. LOL!

Where the heck did ACmomCee come from? Uhhmmm... well, nowhere really! hahaha!!! I just thought it sounds good and when I try registering with it, it goes through every time - meaning there's no one using it yet. And if you happen to encounter ACmumCee with the "U", most likely it's also ME! =) And so, do you call me ACmomCee? haha!!! It's actually up to you, but I still prefer to be called AC. It's already short, but I think many still find it long and opt to calling me Mommy ACE or just ACE, which still fits ACmomCee spelling wise. =)

Now let's get more personal... ^-^

I am a mom of 1 (currently), named Alyssa, short for May Alyssa Kirstein. I had her when I was 19 (whooa!) and I married my one true love, Daddy Mark almost 4 months before she came out. I was still in college then and so I had to stop to become a full-time mom and wife. After a year, I went back to college and finally attained a degree in Business Management. And because hubby's been given a chance to work here in London and bring us, right after graduation we joined him.

And now that I'm 24 and finally settled in, I tried to apply for jobs around, but because I have to choose my own time, I know it's impossible for me to get one. I was a full-time stay-at-home-mom for a year until just last January when a new opportunity knocked on my door and invited me to become a work-at-home-mom. When I had my permament job on oDesk, I decided to get back to blogging since I know that most of my time will be spent  online and that I can manage them better now.

I started blogging in 2007, mainly to record my daughter's milestones. Then I stoppped and decided to get back October 2009 because I wanted to share my recipes to my dear friends who found my foodie pics appetizing. Come February this year, I decided to buy my blogs their own domain names and build them categorically.

Now I've got 4 blogs and they are:
  • Happy Home Working - My Online Diary - where I share personal happenings in my life as a wife, relative, friend and as a work-at-home diva.
  • Come Dine In - My Recipes and Food Stories - where I keep a record of the interesting foods that I prepare for my family. Most are from different recipe sites and cookbooks while others are from my own kitchen doodling. LOL! I also include some foods that we have when we dined out.
  • Cheeky Munchkins - My Share on Parenting - where I share my daughter's activities and myself as a mom. So basically, that blog is about kids and parenting.
  • Join My Stroll - Anything - here I write just about anything that's NOT focused on me, my family and friends. These can be movies, celebrities, things from nature and shop-bought, etc. etc.
I also have an online shop called Little Fashion. I do pre-orders by batch where customers visit the online shops in UK and I quote them per item. Once order-form has been submitted and down-payment paid, I process the orders and they only pay the other 50% when items reached the Philippines which is about 5-6 weeks.

Now I can say that I'm a proud Work-At-Home-Mom, very happy and contented. Life has been so good to me. I have my super sweet and loving hubbydubs and a very smart and pretty daughter which makes us a very loving family. I could be much  more happier though, when our dreams and plans like having another baby, our own house and lot, car, enough savings for our kid/s and be able to extend help financially to relatives and other people in need will be granted to us by God in His time.

I guess I've already said so much, but I won't end this without greeting the brain of BC Bloggers. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY PAULA!!! Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to a nice friendship ahead... =)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Couples's Corner: When We Watch Movies Together

I remembered, I just made my CC entry about Our Favorite Place and now, it's CC time again? Days are passing by very quickly that I can't even finish my to-do list in a day. =) Oh golly! I know now why... I was too late for the previous topic and instead of posting it Wednesday, I posted it Sunday... No wonder why I'm now writing about CC again... hahaha!!! Silly me!

This sweek's topic is about watching movies together. Well, as far as I can remember, he got my resounding YES while we were watching a movie. =) For about 2 years before we said our vows, movie house is one of our favorite places since it's a place where we can just be in each other's arms. I can still remember one day in November 2003 when we stayed in the movie house ALL DAY and didn't understand even a single scene. LOL! Right after our organisation's (JPIA) bar party, we didn't go home and went straight to the movie house and there we slept. hahaha!!!

When Alyssa was born, we still go to movie house once in a while since there's someone who can watch over her while we go on a date. But these days, we just watch movies at the comfort of our sofa or bed. LOL! Hubby likes romantic movies too, but not too much unlike the ones pertaining to politics or war. He will watch Pinoy romantic movies with me, but only when we're at home. He is not so into Pinoy films as much as I'm not into foreign films. LOL But he enjoys Pinoy comedies (yeah! the corniest ever of Dolphy, Vic Sotto and the side kicks!) hahaha... He likes having a good laugh.

It's very rare that we watch movies alone. When he likes something, I should be there and watch with him because it's been tried and tested that as soon as the movie ends, I'll say... "hhmm... it's nice huh!" and so when I want to watch something (of course a Pinoy movie) he also needs to watch with me, fair enough right?

And our position? Oh, we never watch any movie without cuddling. No matter what movie it is, we should be hugging each other. Most of the time we sit, but other times we lye down and squash each other on the sofa, his arms wrapping around me and my head resting on his chest. =) *sweet*

How I wish I can share a picture of us while watching movies... But I guess this one counts. It's in Realto in Enchanted Kingdom, not a movie house, but it resembles none the less. =)
Another entry for Mommy Liz's Couple's Corner which once again flashes back kilig moments from the past... =)

Monday, 12 April 2010

PBW: 2010 Overseas Absentee Voting - CHECK!

Too bad I wasn't able to register for this year's Philippines National Election, but the good thing is - at least hubby was able to do so when we went home last June and went to POEA. We really thought he can't vote as we failed to see his name online, until he received his ballot by post last month (March).

Since voting starts 10 April, hubby decided to fill out his ballot on the same day. Before so, he scanned the list carefully and marked the names of the candidates from President to Party List. He made sure that he choose those he thinks are the right candidates because he's now contributing to the future of our country and that the future of his kid/s are at steak in that very critical choice.

He's now sealing his ballot praying and hoping that his votes will not be wasted, instead counted on the coming election.

Wondering who he voted??? LOL! It's obvious, right??? At loooong last... After 11 years of being eligible to vote, he now has decided to exercise his right. I believe, being a parent really changes a person's view so much. 

Let's all hope and pray for a clean and honest election. As the cliché goes, "Love your own". No one will love and care for the Philippines, but its people. WE ARE PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!


This is my entry for this week's PBW. Head on to Sassy Mom's page by clicking the badge and share us the highlight of your weekend.

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